About Us

Hi Dear web User, welcome to Kay Kenneth webpage.

This site is established to reveal nothing but the very truth about Jesus Christ (whom He is and what the Most High God, the Maker of the universe has made Him to anyone who truly believes in Him).

The purpose of the contents of this site (usually songs and exhortations) is to ignite a burning desire in the heart and gear the mind of everyone who believes, towards Jesus Christ in order to fulfill his/her true purpose of existence.

Visitors should kindly note that, things shared on this site are not necessarily based on any denominational doctrines. Neither do they necessarily advocate for any particular religion. The basic issue that matters here is Jesus Christ and how relevant He truly is to creation.

Kay Kenneth is a young man who is so passionate about fulfilling his purpose of existence to glory of his Maker. He believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to realizing this desire and that’s what he wishes to use all he has, to proclaim to everyone who has same desire.